Fire Show – Sztuka ognia

We illuminate your celebration!

What truly separates us humans from animals is our power over fire. But where did this come from? Who helped us do this? Follow us on a journey into the depths of time, into the mists of mystery, where reality loses meaning. Witness how the power of fire is unleashed and be enchanted by spectacular images, because fire can be so many things. And we who play with him owe our uniqueness to his power and our courage to reach for it.

The Iskrakabinett

skrakabinett (Iskra; Polish for spark) is a Polish-German fire company from Saxony and Lower Silesia. On the cobblestones that pave the world, we now enchant both the young and the old with fire artistry.

Angela Basenach

Art Director

Miroslav Mütze-Basenach

Technical Director

Nadia Surowiec

Artist Poi

Marielle Djassemi

Artist Dragon Staff